Drive offline store transactions with location based messaging.
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Connect with consumers across the entire customer journey.

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Work home

Reach consumers at home or at work with location-based messaging.

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Near store

Attract consumers with location based push messaging to drive impulse buy.

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In store

Convert consumers in-store with pull messaging and product scanning.

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Fine-tune your targeting efforts.

You have a great product to sell and there is a huge market potential for it out there. But how can you maximize it? Simply by targeting the right people, with the right campaign. Our platform will help you select the optimal campaign, then tailor and continually refine, to bring you the best results.

  • Audience
  • Location
  • Time
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Send the right message.

Effectiveness is a function of the creative and channel working together to reach a potential customers and drive transactions for your brand.

  • Message
  • Creative
  • Call to action
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Set direction with consumer insights.

It’s only when data gives insights that you can make smart decisions. As you wish to connect to your consumers, you will need these insights to make strategic decisions.

  • A/B winners
  • Offline conversions
  • Audience modeling

Discover solutions for other industries.

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Consumer Goods

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Food & Beverage

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Retail & Malls

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Media & Advertising

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Media Networks

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Native app platforms

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