Unilever – Wall’s

Unilever - Wall's

Amplifying in-app trade promotions with upper-funnel media efforts to uplift online conversions for purchase through grocery delivery channel, Happy Fresh.

Case study
Wall’s ice cream, by Unilever, partnered with Grivy with an aim to educate consumers about the opportunity of enjoying the luxury of ice cream at home with online grocery delivery application, Happy Fresh, thus enabling high traffic to in-app trade promotions to achieve the end goal of increased purchase intent, while tracking consumers journey to purchase for further analysis with data facilitated by Grivy integrations.
Uplift in landing rate with captivating visuals communicating the right message to drive traffic to trade promotions.
Consumers demonstrate intent to purchase by adding product powering the brands’ retargeting capabilities.
Product purchases were achieved with a widespread awareness campaign by Grivy initiating consumers on a purchase journey.
The story
The Icon of Happiness !
Wall’s ice cream, with a century of serving consumers with a world of flavors, continues to live up to its legacy of happy customers with a simple motto of ‘ice cream for all’. The brand has proved legend within category with a strive to innovate through the years, spreading the sweet flavor of happiness among consumers and bringing the world together to celebrate the magical experience well-known as Wall’s.
Unilever – Wall’s
The goal
A Pursuit to deliver joy at our doorstep !
Wall’s ice cream aimed to leverage the mobile-first approach enabled by Grivy, in reaching consumers to engage them with relevant content putting across the right message to drive consideration with increased brand awareness. The prime focus of this campaign was to initiate consumers on a plan to purchase online thus driving traffic to the grocery delivery platform for subsequent steps of purchase empowering them with the luxury of 'at home' experience.
The solution
Elaborate on experience of ‘Joy of ice-cream at home’
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The result
3.1x above benchmark landing rate to freeze interest and scream intent !
Wall’s was enabled to drive massive consideration for online purchase of brand products among relevant audiences leveraging Grivy features of:
● Mobile-first messaging approach, in partnership with Samsung Gift Indonesia, the in-built app in Samsung devices, enabled reaching new consumers with intriguing visuals to capture attention and steer interest.
● First-party consumer data providing a relevant set of audiences for future targeting of promotional efforts.
● City-wise activation of consumers to match the bandwidth of trade promotions.
● Tracking capabilities from impressions to check-out presenting consumer data from each step of the user journey thus unleashing insights into consumer behavior at scale.

Thereby, helping the brand drive effectiveness in promotional efforts with increased awareness and established recognition, while also defining opportunities for future growth with relevant and refined consumer data for future retargeting with a better understanding of consumer buying patterns.
Unilever – Wall’s
Captivating visuals conveying brand message.
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First party consumer data collection and activation.
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Grivy gives us intelligent insights into our consumer moments of truth. Data-driven marketing, with Grivy as the tech data enabler, unlocks personalization at scale. Understanding zero-moments-of-truth helps our teams to be relevant with the right message, at the right time and location, with the right offer.
Jochanan Senf
Vice President at Unilever

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