Frestea Milk Tea Brown Sugar

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Capture consumer interest and expand market share with extensive product trial

Case study
Frestea Milk Tea Brown sugar had a successful product launch, with Grivy enabling digital-first campaigns across channels to garner consumer interest and digital coupons driving product trial at offline stores translating purchase intent.
Beyond benchmark Landing page visitors with relevant message reaching potential consumers
Better conversion rates with shares and referrals capturing Earned media through micro-influencer
Above benchmark Redeem rate of digital coupons resulting in increased store transactions.
The story
A Healthy Ritual to kick start your day
Being a brand for tea lovers, Frestea has proven its value in both taste and quality. Whether it’s to kick start a day or to find moments of peace in our hectic schedule, the new product, Frestea milk tea brown sugar, hits consumers with the right kind of energy and a burst of flavorful sensation of premium quality tea, enabling a healthy choice for everyday lives of consumers.
Frestea Milk Tea Brown Sugar
The goal
Serve the taste of millions
Frestea intended to launch the new ready-to-drink Frestea Milk tea Brown Sugar by effectively attracting new consumers' interest and translating it to offline activation through Grivy enabled omnichannel digital campaigns that directed online traffic to offline sales via digital coupons facilitating product trial.
The solution
Trigger consumer interest to maximize brand exposure with digital sampling
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The result
Tea lovers recommend it !
Frestea was able to peak their consumer’s interest considerably, activating them for new product trials, driving beyond benchmark sales conversions with the Grivy Growth Platform features of:
● Digital campaign across channels to engage consumers through a binding path to purchase.
● Retargeting at each step of the process to keep up the interest and see consumers to the end of the journey.
● Digital coupons as a gateway to real-time lower funnel conversions
● Shares & referrals from micro-influencers to capture and convert earned media exposure.

Thus proving the right addition to the brand’s retail strategy in facilitating the new product launch with improved purchase intent of consumers, while realizing real-time growth with 1st party data collection through the process.
Frestea Milk Tea Brown Sugar
Captivate audience attention and enable smart redirects.
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Digital-first coupons to redeem products in the offline store.
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First-party consumer data collection and activation.
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Share and referrals to drive earned media exposure.
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With the uniqueness of our new product, Frestea Milk Tea Brown sugar, we sought to provide our consumers with an all-around value experience of quality, flavor, and price. While we adopted best practices in product innovation to provide a premium experience, it was critical to engage consumers with the right message at the right time and right place and guide them through a seamless journey to product trial, for a unified brand experience. Grivy enabled this with its salient features of digital campaigns across channels to peak consumer interest and digital sampling to deliver a high return on retail investment.
Jessica Harsya
Frontline Brand Manager

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