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Djarum Group - Caffino Bold

Omni-channel lower funnel consumer activation to amplify store trade promotions with Grivy.

Case study
Caffino, a brand of Djarum Group, with its new product line Caffino Bold, effectively captivated consumer interest at scale, accelerating their intent to purchase with successive mobile-first campaigns taking trialists to loyalists, leveraging the excitement of store-enabled digital coupons enabled by Grivy.
Return on trade investment with a binding path to store purchase maximizing store transactions.
New consumers were recruited with Grivy, taking them through awareness to advocacy.
Offline and Online Store coverage to drive purchase intent with omnichannel traffic activation.
The story
Enjoy the taste of authenticity
Caffino, with its authentic taste and robust flavors, is synonymous with a refined experience for coffee lovers. With its new product line, Caffino Bold, the brand has evolved to serve the niche cravings of consumers with its strong taste and dark flavor inspiring us to make a bold choice to stick with and live by.
Djarum Caffino Bold
The goal
On a pursuit to establish a coffee lover’s retreat
Caffino Bold aimed to capture the interest of consumers, with a massive drive to engagement across channels, which was successfully translated into verifiable store transactions, with digital campaigns integrating digital coupons. Thus encouraging consumers on a path to brand loyalty with increased purchase frequency.
The solution
A strong message with a bold offer to attract and retain consumers on a binding path to purchase
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The result
Brewing strong purchase intents at 75%
Caffino Bold was enabled with an opportunity to amplify efforts at trade promotion with increased sales transactions harnessing the Grivy features of :
● Digital coupons translating online engagement into real-time offline store transactions.
● Retargeting consumers with reminder notifications to help see their journey till the end.
● Earned media capture and enabled with shares and referrals to maximize traffic and secure high purchase intent.
● Post Campaign total brand equity study to understand their consumers better while tapping the potential for improvement and growth.

Thus adding the right value to the brand’s retail strategy to exponentially increase return on retail investment, while also enabling a boost in consumer’s purchase frequency and stimulating the motivation to loyalty.
Djarum Caffino Bold
Captivate audience attention and enable smart redirects.
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Digital-first coupons to redeem products in the offline store.
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First-party consumer data collection and activation.
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Share and referrals to drive earned media exposure.
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As a brand, we believe in authenticity with quality and experience for our consumers. With our new product line, Caffino Bold, we sought to serve consumers with a niche taste in Coffee. Our partnership with Grivy was key to our success in amplifying efforts in trade promotions by enabling the opportunity to reach the right consumers with the right message to drive lower-funnel activation and boost sales redemptions. The digital campaigns with real-time data-driven optimizations were helpful to uplift consumers’ purchase intent and empower purchase frequency with exciting offers with digital coupons.
Marketing Director, Caffino

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